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[When Sebastian awoke, he lay face down on the floor. The first thing he noticed through the headache he was having at that time, was not that he had a headache, or that he was lying on the floor, but instead the fact that this floor looked… strange. He couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but this floor was strange. It didn’t look like any floor he knew.
Groaning, he flipped around and sat up. The room he was in looked pretty.
He didn’t even know what to call this room. It looked like a jail cell from this angle, with a great door - most probably locked - and a wash basin and a bunk bed… Shaking his head to get the fuzziness out of it, he looked at the door again.
There was a “3” written on it with… black paint? Oil?]


[With a start, he got to his feet, although he almost lost balance. ¬†There wasn’t much more in this room, and he was locked in. Probably?
He jumped over to the door and began pulling the handle. Pushing didn’t open the door, and neither did pulling, and after a minute or so he gave up. It wasn’t like he’d hoped the door would be open, but it was worth a try and now he felt a bit… demotivated. There had to be a key in here, but… even though the room was small, it was foreign territory to him - and he’d never been the best with finding stuff in the first place.
He turned around with a sigh, and then saw another rather strange thing:

A great metal plate, apparently sealing off something like another door or a window. More likely to have been a window.

Knocking on that did nothing, and the door placed against the wall was most likely the place he’d been in before falling out and awaking face first on the floor.
He turned around to look at the door again, and finally he realised why his head felt so fuzzy in the first place - this room was basically like the peak of a mountain, but the air wasn’t fresh and thin, but instead stale, warm and thin. Might explain his dry mouth, too.
He raised his arms to strech to get rid of the headache-induced fuzziness, but Sebastian stopped dead when he looked at his left wrist.

A…. bracelet?]

"Was zum…"

[On it, like on the door, was a 3. There didn’t seem to be a way to get that thing off, either, and he didn’t actually care about that in this very moment. He wanted to get out of here.
Scanning the room again, Sebastian finally realised the shelf was there, with the briefcase mounted on top of it. His mind slowly progressed the given situation, and as he tugged at the briefcase, it didn’t open.
Basically, he was locked in, the only hint he had was locked too, then there was the bracelet, and nothing else. For a moment he considered lying down again on the cement floor, but then thought better of it. There had to be a way to open this briefcase.
More desperate than anything, he went over to the bunk bed and shuffled the blankets around - there was nothing underneath them, and doing the same to the pillows ended with the same result. Maybe in…? Yes, there was definitely something in that pillow, but there was no way to open it. Ripping it apart wouldn’t do any good, so he set the pillow down again and went over to th wash basin.
The mirror above it was cracked, and a piece was lying on the cement floor.

Trying couldn’t hurt, could it?
Carefully picking up the shard and getting the pillow, he somehow ended up cutting the pillow into pieces. What kind of weird material was that, anyway? There was no pillow that would rip so easily, at least he thought that for a moment.
Shaking this thought off, he took a closer look at what he’d gotten from the pillow’s sad remains - a small, roundish key. Odd.
But definitely what he’d been looking for.¬†
There wasn’t anything else in this room, apart from the strange machine put into the wall next to the door - most likely a locking device? Maybe opening the briefcase would give him some kind of hit.

After unlocking said object, it snapped open almost on its own. Inside it was nothing more than a file. The sound of something falling to the floor was, however, was concerned him more. Rolling away on the cement floor was a pencil, a bit away from it lay a notepad and a piece of paper. Silently scolding himself for being such a blind idiot - where were his glasses? He didn’t remember putting them on yesterday - and picked all three up.
The notepad and the pencil were obvious, but… the sheet explained something he didn’t quite get at first, but he decided that it was a hint.
Turning back to the file in the briefcase, there wasn’t more than a bunch of something that looked like playing cards. There were numbers on them, too.

It took Sebastian more than five minutes to finally understand the situation again - the thing next to the door was a card reader, these were the cards that would open the door, and in order to open it he had to choose three of these four cards that gave him - what did the sheet call it - the digital root equal to the number emblazoned on the door.
Muttering a quick thank to whatever god watched over him, he went back to looking at the door. The four cards left him a bit clueless for a moment, but eventually he picked the three that he hoped would finally release him. Carelessly tossing the fourth, ironically the number 4, away, he slid the other three through the reading device.

2 + 3 + 7 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3

There was indeed the sound of a door unlocking, and he would have laughed if the air hadn’t been so thin.
Finally being able to open the door, he pushed it open and went out into a hallway.]

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